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A number of facilities and communities of practice have been established (on the SOCITM GovX system) to enable discussion, knowledge sharing, news aggregation and sophisticated archive searching.

Publicly available facilities.

NEICT News Feed Provides a public feed of news from NEICT.
This automatically feeds Twitter, is built into the website homepage and has been made available using RSS to anyone wishing to integrate it into their news reader.
RSS Feed

Facilities supporting colleagues in the public and voluntary sectors.

ICT News Provides a daily email summary of news from general ICT feeds and a searchable online archive. Subscribe

Facilities supporting ICT colleagues in public and voluntary sector organisations in the North East.

North East Public Services Network An online community of interest relating to the Public Services Network (PSN) Apply to join
ISNorthEast A forum for the information security officers of the north east councils and associated public service organisations
The WARP for the north east government community
More Information
ICT Professionalism An online community of interest relating to CPD and Skills fo the Information Age (SFIA) Apply to join
North East Web Managers An online community of interest relating for website administrators and managers Apply to join
Encouraging teenage students in the region to pursue careers in ICT and digital technologies Sharing ideas about how we might encourage young people to take up careers in digital Apply to join

Facilities supporting members of SOCITM and CITRA in the North East.

Society of ICT management (SOCITM) North East Region Apply to join
Last updated: 30/8/13